Comfort Zone Hydramemory Comfort Zone Hydramemory

HYDRAMEMORY, [comfort zone] proposes an innovative DOUBLE HYDRATION solution that guarantees the skin immediate 24-hour long hydration and helps restore the softness, elasticity and luminosity of healthy skin.

Hydration cream with biomimetic fragments of hyaluronic acid, macro hyaluronic acid, Moringa oil from certified fair trade cultivations and a blend of natural extracts to preserve a balanced skin hydration and help protect the skin’s barrier for a visibly smooth and bright effect.


Facial Skin Regimen Facial Skin Regimen treatment

The advent of cosmeceuticals has coincided with the creation of a cosmetic program aimed at delaying the cellular and tissue aging processes. A complete technologically innovative formula that acts as an optimal vehicle for high concentrations of biologically active ingredients.


This cosmetic innovation together with a holistic approach helps to correct the visible signs of ageing while protecting the skin. SKIN REGIMEN contains a unique blend of super foods and high-tech active ingredients for visibly radiant skin. 


At Onda Beauty Salon we offer a range of personalized facial treatments to give your skin the pampering it deserves. Our professionals are on hand to assess your needs and decide on the treatment that’s right for you.


Personalized treatment

Duration: 1 hour. Our professionals choose the products that best suit your skin's needs on the day.
Recommended for any skin type. Facials include Comfort Zone chemical peeling, a deep exfoliation treatment that prepares your skin for a regular skin care regime at home.


Facial hygiene

For young or well-looked after skin that doesn’t require any particular treatment. Duration: 45 minutes.


Active Pureness Facial treatment Active Pureness Facial treatment


Active Pureness is the perfect solution to target blemishes that are typical of oily skins and also helps to prevent acne breakouts. A complete unisex formula that reduces the appearance of imperfections and visible pores day after day.


It combines the renewing effectiveness of the double skin with the innovative two-phase reaffirming mask. Especially recommended for mature skin, with visible signs of aging.
Softens the visible signs of aging.
The shape and surface of the face is redefined in a cosmetic way. Suitable for mature skin, thickened, with wrinkles and with a visible loss of tone and volume. Illuminates and uniforms the tone of the skin.
It stimulates the renewal of the epidermal cells.
Improves the appearance of smooth and premature wrinkles.


Take advantage of the strength of a natural prebiotic to promote skin health and to offer a further defense, plant extracts to stop inflammation and the valuable oil of marrow to repair the skin barrier.
The redness is visibly reduced, an immediate sensation of relief is perceived and the skin is stronger and more resistant to prevent future inflammations.
Without silicones, parabens, mineral oils, added perfumes or surfactants, it contains up to 98% of ingredients of natural origin.
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

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