Massage is one of the oldest therapies around, and the fact that it’s still used today, proves its effectiveness.

At Onda Hair & Beauty we offer you a range of massage options that can be tailored to suits your needs.


Relaxing massage, 1 hr
Relaxing massage, 30 min
Therapeutic massage, 30 min
Circulatory massage, 30 min
Facial, 20 min
Foot Reflexology, 30 min 

SALT MASSAGE of [ comfort zone ]

Himalayan Salt massage Barcelona Himalayan Salt massage

SALT MASSAGE is a unique therapeutic ritual created by [comfort zone] that uses natural whole salt from the Himalayas. 
Due to its unusual composition and structure, the salt has detoxifying, rebalancing and energizing properties. It also purifies and strengthens the body.
On a physical level, it relieves muscle pain and stimulates metabolism.
On an emotional level, it alleviates mental blocks, confusion and anxiety.

Peluquería - Hair Salon - Parrucchieri 

+34 93 187 32 36

Estética - Beauty Salon - centro estetico


Dirección - Address - Indirizzo:

Carrer de l'Atlàntida, 53

08003 Barcelona

Metro: Barceloneta (L4)




Lunes a Miercoles 

de 10:00 a 20:30

Jueves y Viernes

de 10:00 a 21:00
Sábado de 10:00 a 19:30


Opening hours:


Monday to Wednesday

from 10 am to 8:30 pm

Thursday and Frifay

from 10 to 9 pm

Saturday from 10 am to 7:30 pm


Orari di apertura:


Lunedí a mercoledí

dalle 10 alle 20:30

Giovedí e venerdí

dalle10:00 alle 21:00

Sabato dalle 10:00 alle 19:30


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