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Spray-tan-or-tanning-from-sugar-cane-Barcelona Spray tan or tanning from sugar cane Barcelona

Spray tanning is also known as DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a component derived from sugar cane. It is a much healthier option than sunbeds for the simple fact of being a natural proposal, and a basically harmless treatment for the skin. Sugarcane is a natural product, and does not generate any risk or secondary effect on our health.

It gets the body tanned when it is sprayed and comes into contact with the surface of the skin without needing to reach the bloodstream or activate the melanin, it only comes into contact with the keratin, the proteins of the skin so it is not invasive nor painful That is, it produces an instant darkening of the skin without damaging it or producing side effects, the perfect substitute for UVA rays.


The first step to start this tanning method is the previous realization of a body peeling, that is to say a deep cleaning to eliminate dead cells and leave the surface smooth and uniform. Then we proceed to use the tanning machine, a kind of gun that is responsible for distributing the substance of DHA evenly throughout the body. Once this step has been made in a few hours you will begin to observe the results, yes, you can not shower, sweat or apply perfumes, otherwise the treatment will not have served anything.


What are its benefits?

Among its main benefits is that it only acts on the most superficial part of the skin so it is practically impossible to cause allergic reactions. It is also a very versatile technique since it is compatible with obtaining a natural tan, it is even better to complement it since the tan will be more durable. On the other hand complete their qualities the fact that you can choose the degree of tanning between different shades, their instant results in just four hours with a treatment of 15 minutes, and the long duration of them because the tan will disappear in a similar way to the natural with the progressive renewal of the skin

Dare to try this revolutionary method with which you will enjoy a real tan in less than 15 minutes and without having to endure the sun's rays.




Full body  30 €

Half body 18 €

Face and neck 10 €


Your spray tan in Barcelona.

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