Hair Care Treatments

Onda Salon Barcelona uses DAVINES® products for all hair care treatments.

* If you would like a salon consultation or a particular hair care treatment, don't hesitate to visit us. 
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Hair care treatments by DAVINES®:

  • Davines® Essential Haircare with fruit and vegetable extract.
  • Davines® Oi for hair that requires immediate results. Main ingredient: Roucou oil with 100 times more carotene than carrots.
  • NOURISHING for dry and brittle hair. Main ingredients: hydrolyzed keratin and keratin and wheat proteins. 
  • REPLUMPING for dry, limp hair. Main ingredient: hyaluronic acid.
  • RENEWING an anti-aging and regenerating treatment that thickens, softens and brings shine to the hair. Main ingredients: spinach extract, Carnosine and Maqui berry. 
  • PURIFYING for flaky scalps and oily or dry dandruff.
  • CALMING for sensitive scalps without dandruff.
  • ENERGIZING for damaged hair prone to seasonal thinning or thinning due to stress.
  • ENERGIZING for androgenetic alopecia hair loss. Rebalancing Shampoo and Superactive Lotion for alopecia.
  • KERATINE restructuring and anti-frizz treatment.

ONLYS: Vegan Keratine Treatment

Onlys is the first botanical hair straightening and vegan without shampoo, developed based on plant assets such as ginseng and aloe vera. The exclusive Onlys line aligns the hair fiber, smoothes, nourishes deeply and recovers the hair to eliminate frizz, restore its shine and its natural softness.

A Vegan Option

Onlys botanical smoothing has a composition free of derivatives of animal origin, replacing the ingredients of animal origin with plant components of equal or better result: like the change of keratin by aloe vera.

Aloe Vera is the best vegetable ingredient indicated to take care of hair, since its chemical composition is very similar to that of keratin, which is the main hair protein, and its constitution of complexes and amino acids are identical to that of the hair follicle.


Botox treatment Rebuilder

is a treatment that repairs in depth, removes frizz, reduces volume and rejuvenates the hair fiber.
The iNNOVA Plant Stem Cell Treatment allows the hair to regenerate itself and recover the softness and shine lost due to washing, the passage of time and chemical treatments. This treatment gives the hair its natural and healthy appearance.

Keratine Straightening Treatment

The smoothing with hyaluronic acid iNNOVA has been developed to align the hair fiber reducing the volume and eliminating the frizz, achieving a perfect smoothness with a duration between 5 and 6 months after the application. Get hair restructuring, leaving it loose and soft. It contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin and plant stem cells. The volume reducer iNNOVA returns to the hair its beauty, its shine and its natural movement.

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